Mister No

Puxa Vida! An Extraordinary Hero

Mister No is a very different type of cartoon character. First of all, he doesn't have any super powers. He doesn't win most of his fights. But he's brave to the death. He likes alcohol and women. He's an outcast American living in Manaus with no significant purpose of life.

Mister No

Bill Bryson, in his book Neither Here, Nor There: Travels in Europe says that "If Italians worked really hard, they could take over the world". That's very true.

Mister No is a comic book character, created by the famous Italian artist Sergio Bonelli Editore. In fact, Italians created lots of catchy comic-book characters, such as Zagor, Martin Mystere, Tommiks and many more.

Italian comic characters are not well known in United States, but are very popular in Europe. Nearly all the Italian comic book characters are American. As Bill Bryson aid, Italians are as good as the Americans to create Ameican characters and stories.

Another example is Spagetti Western movies. In most of these western movies, no single American cast is used; and no single picture frame is shot in United States. But they're more alive and more western-like than most Holywood western movies.

Mister No

Mister No

The real name of Mister No is Jerome Drake Junior. He served as a pilot in World War II and fought in the Pacific against the Japanese. After the war, he decides to leave everything and settles in Manaus. He makes his living by working as a private pilot for charter flights and tourists.

Mistor No is a very different kind of a hero. Maybe, he's not a hero in the first place. He doesn't necesseraliy win all his fights (he loses most of them in fact). But he's never afraid of fighting for what he believes as true.

He doesn't own anything except for his old plane. He doesn't have a significant purpose of life; but he has serious set of values that he never compromises. He's extremely respectfull to the natives of Amazon Forest. He doesn't like money. When he gets a quite amount of it, he immediately spends it on alcohol and women.

The Amazon Forest

The adventures of Mister No take place mostly in Amazon Forest. You experience lost cities, strange indian tribes, treasures, metaphysical phenomena, NAZI cult settlements and hundreds of interesting things.

Mister No - drawn by Marco Santucci