The Rules of the Game


Amazon is a dangerous place even merely to stay alive. The indians are not hostile at the beginning. If you don't bother them, they won't bother you. But after two years of your presence, they will turn hostile. There are also prehistoric birds, bandits, anacondas, fire ants, piranhas. But the major challenge is the danger of starvation.

Not all these challenges and dangers appear in all enterprises. For example, boat and piranha only kill you in Piranhas enterprise. Anaconda and quicksand are not present in Welcome to Amazon. And fireants are only present in Fireants enterprise.

Killed by Piranhas

None of us want it of course, but your workers will die all the time. When a worker is killed by any of the above reasons; a magnifier comes and tells the cause of death. You can either watch the animation, or tap on the magnifier to dismiss it.

After the magnifier leaves, one of the hearts near the calendar livens up and a substitute worker is put in the hut. You can also dismiss this animation by tapping anywhere on the screen.

A ghost rises to the sky and a wooden cross is erected to the place where the worker is killed. These tombs will always remember that the jungle is full of dangers.