The Rules of the Game


While you sell your rubber to the boat captains, you can buy the contracts they offer. The contracts vary depending on your current status in the game or the enterprise itself. Browse them carefully and buy an appropriate one if needed.

Buying a contract is completely optional. You may complete all the enterprises without buying any. But they help a lot. If you're a rookie, you'll lose a lot of workers and Extra Life contract will be life saving for you. And when you get skilled, other contracts, such as Long Range Guns will be very crucial.

The List of the Costs of the Contracts

Keep in mind that, you can only buy one contract on each boat arrival. So, use it wisely. For example, if the Indians are hostile at the moment, buying Peace with Indians contract will be wise a wise decision.

Some contracts are specific to certain enterprises. For example Fish Spells can be purchased only in Piranhas enterprise. Some enterprises does not contain Brazil Nuts, so there's not a contract involved.

Quicksand Spells and Sabotage can be purchased in multiplayer games.

On the left, there's a list of the costs of the contracts. Extra Life contract does not have a fix price. The price increases geometrically on consequent purchases. So, it's wise to purchase it once in a game; the other ones are quite expensive.

If you have Long Range Guns or Extra Bullets as an In-App Purchase, they don't appear as a contract. This increases your options when needed.