The Rules of the Game

Food Sources

Food is the key for survival in the jungle. You leave your hut with a limited food ration. If you wish to harvest distant and fertile trees, you should find some food on the way. The easiest way is collecting mushrooms or turtle eggs. Or you can hunt for food. You can hunt deer or anaconda. There are two species of anaconda, only one is edible, but both deadly. Another alternative is fishing. All hunting and fishing is done by using your gun.

Food Sources Table

You don't have to do anything for small and large mushrooms. They grow in the jungle and you just go there and grab them. The frequency of the regeneration of mushrooms change as years pass. In the first year, they're regenerate very frequently and becomes more and more seldom in the following years.

Turtle Eggs on the River Shore

Turtle eggs are considered as good eating in the Amazon. The best part is, they appear on the riverside beach and you don't have to hunt for them. The downside is, they do not appear very frequently.

In a enterprises, there are fix places that the turtles leave their eggs. Turtles come at random intervals and leave eggs on a random vacant place.

Brazil Nut Tree

Brazil Nuts

Brazil Nut trees are tremendous sources of food, but they are hard to spot in the jungle. You can buy the guidance of an Indian to discover one which you can obtain on the boat. They're also quite different from other food sources. You can go under a Brazil Nut tree, just like you tap a rubber tree; and your food level becomes maximum. But after that, the tree should renew itself for a time. And after that, you can use the tree again.

The nut fruits on the tree shows how ripe they are and ready for you to collect. There's also a chronometer displaying the time left for the nuts to be ripe again.

Forest Totem

Forest Spell

One of the totems you can find in the forest is the forest totem. It's small in size, just like the bird totem, but its color is pale yellow-green. When you grab one of these forest totems, you obtain a forest spell

Forest Spell on the Magic Stone

Forest spells are accumulated on the magic stone just on the left side of the wallet. Using is simple; choose it by tapping the stone, drag and drop it to the location where you need food. After you drop it, a large mushroom will be created spontaneously.

But there's a small catch while using the forest spell: you should drop it to a valid location. If you drop in on river, lake, obstacles; no food is created. If so, your spell is not wasted; try it again to drop a valid location.