The Rules of the Game

Giving Orders

In order to harvest rubber from the trees, you should tap them first. After being tapped, the tree starts to lactate liquid rubber. When enough amount is collected on the tree, you can get and collect it. All these tasks are done by giving orders.

You initially have two workers inside your hut, though you can increase the number up to 4 by buying contracts from the boat. Also, by using Settings, you can start with three workers, instead of the default two. But it's not recommended untill you become skilled in Rubber Boom.

An Order Across the Bridge

To give an order:

  • Just swipe your finger to give your worker an order.
  • A typical order starts from your hut to a nearby rubber tree.
  • When your worker reaches the rubber tree, he taps the tree and the rubber begins to accumulate in a bowl.