The Rules of the Game


Bandits wander all around the jungle to rob your workers - usually alone. But sometimes they come to rob your hut in a more organized way. Protect your property by using your gun. You should kill all the bandits before they reach your hut. If you can't, you lose one worker.

Bandits Coming

Jungle is really full of dangers and troubles. Even if you can survive wild animals and starvation, you're not safe. Just like the bandits watched the gold prospectors to rob them, they watch for rubber entrepreneurs to steal their hard-earned money.

You're lucky that your workers can notice the bandits approaching, and you have enough time to run back to your hut and defend yourself. After the bandit warning is called, your can watch how much time you have from the chronometer on the top of the screen.

Kill all the Bandits to Protect your Property

If any worker is left outside the hut when the bandits arrive, he just quickly escapes to the hut, he is not hurt. But if he carries some rubber, he leaves it in the forest and you lose that rubber.

When the bandits arrive, the gunfight starts. You're given 24 bullets to defend yourself. This amount increases to 36 if you buy the Extra Bullets contract on the boat.