The Rules of the Game

Increasing Your Wealth

As your wealth increases, your social life in Manaus changes at the same time. When you earnings grow, you move to a better house. You can check your current status by tapping on Manaus over the map.

Your Current House in Manaus

When you start your rubber business in the middle of the jungle, you buy a small hut in Manaus. This house is very important. When you complete an enterprise you take a well deserved rest to cope with the next enterprise.

Switching Houses When Your Wealth Grows

In Rubber Boom times, prestige was everything. Rubber Barons in Manaus liked very much to spend their money on luxury items, houses and interesting stuff.

You can read Historical Background to get more info.

The ultimate goal is to make One Million Dollars. If you achieve this, you'll be the most prestigious Rubber Baron in Manaus.