The Rules of the Game


Brazilian Government gives special importance to support clean rubber business in the Amazons. So they give bronze, silver and gold medals when you increase your income.

You get a Bronze Medal when you earn over $25,000, a Silver Medal over $50,000 and a Gold Medal over $100,000. While playing, the medal you are currently getting is displayed on the wallet.

 Silver Medal on the Wallet

But keep in mind that, this is not a guarantee that you'll get it at the end of the game. You may lose money because one or more workers are sleeping in the hut; or you may spend some money to buy contracts.

On the other hand, though currently not getting a medal, you may get it when you complete the enterprise and win the quarter of your money bonus.

The medals you own, are displayed on a couple of places. First of all, on the Amazon Map and on the diary pages of the Start Screen.

To get more medals is a meaningful challenge itself. But beyond that, many Game Center Achievements involve medals. So it's well worth the effort.