The Rules of the Game

Rubber Collecting

When the bowl is full enough, you give another order path to the tree, and when the worker reaches to the tree now, he collects the accumulated rubber. You should wait some time to re-harvest the tree. In the meantime, you can harvest other trees.

Collecting Rubber

Each tree has different levels of fertility. You can tap on a tree to check the fertility of a tree. In general, the remote trees are more fertile. Another way to learn the fertility levels, is to use the Tree Inventory which you can access by tapping on the wallet.

The Tree Inventory
The Tree Inventory - Tap/Click to Enlarge

The inventory displays the maximum rubber yield of each tree, by orange pins. Pins grow larger proportional to the fertility levels. Keep in mind that, the fertility level of the tree drops after each tap.

The optimum strategy is to wait untill the bowl is completely full. You can easily notice when the bowl is full: the caption of the rubber level value is much larger and brighter.

The Tree Inventoryprovides very useful data. First of all, Untapped Trees figure is very important. You should keep it close to zero as much as possible.

As the name suggests, Full Bowls Total gives you the rubber amount on all trees, that you should collect as soon as possible.

Checking the Fertility of a Single Tree

Rubber Available figure is the total amount of rubber available on all bowls; full or not. This is the maximum amount you can collect at the moment. Though, it's not recommended to collect the bowls that are not full yet; sometimes it may be logical. For example, if you're close to 500 units of rubber, collecting a half-full bowl is the clever action.

The Efficiency figure represents your current performance over the trees. If all the trees are tapped, and the Full Bowls Total figure is zero, your performance hits 100%. Any untapped tree, or uncollected full bowl decreases the performance.

Efficiency figure is given just to check yourself, it doesn't contribute anything to your score.