The Rules of the Game

Selling Your Rubber

You can sell your rubber to passing boats. The frequency of the passing boats differ on each enterprise. You can watch the arrival time by the large chronometer at the top of the screen. The more rubber you provide, the more money you earn.

When the boat arrives to your hut, the chronometer starts and after a while, the commerce starts. This interval is implemented to give you a chance to collect enough rubber to reach your goal amount. The money you'll earn depends on how much rubber you deliver.

The Amount You'll Earn According to the Rubber You Delivered

The table on the left gives the amounts needed for higher income. One unit of rubber has a value of $7.5 in the market. For example, if you collect 49 units of rubber, you'll earn $360. On the other hand, if you collect 50 units of rubber, the multiplier will be 2, and you'll earn $750.

Watch these quanta levels and try to collect as much as possible. Over 500 units of rubber yields the optimum income. Below that, you lose money. But when you're still novice, your goal may be exceeding 50 or 100 units. And later 250 and 500 units.