The Rules of the Game


You can customize your gaming experience by using Settings Screen. There are eight different features that can be set. The first seven is related to game experience, and the last one is directly related to the gameplay.

The Settings Screen of Rubber Boom

The default settings are defined for a rookie player. We don't recommend to change them if you're not skilled yet. The first settings candidate to uncheck may be Display Intro. Most probably, if you read the intro once or a few times, there's no point to read it every time you start the game. You can also uncheck it from the Intro Screen itself.

Tap Compass for Menu

If you feel yourself skilled enough and playing Welcome to Amazon frequently, you may consider to uncheck Tutorial. We recommend to keep the Guiding Messages checked. First of all, they're not very frequent; and there may always be a surprise in Rubber Boom and you may need a guidance.

Some players may find the music annoying. The music of the Rubber Boom is chosen with extreme care and it keeps you in the mood. But you may uncheck Music without any functionality loss.

Also, sometimes, you may play it while listening to music and the sound of TV. In these cases, you can uncheck it.

We recommend Ambiance to be checked. It keeps you experiencing the jungle atmosphere. But it's also optional and switch it off without any functionality loss.

On the other hand, switching off the Sound Effects and Danger Sound may result a loss off functionality to some degree. The most important thing is feeling the danger. There are also visual warnings but in many cases, it may be insufficient. But it's up to you.

The last one is Start with Three Workers. By default, you start with two workers and it's quite enough for starters or even mediocre skilled players. But beyond that, starting three workers may be a good idea.

Turn it on, if you're a skilled player only. Otherwise, it'll be a burden on you, rather than an advantage. You know that, all workers should be outside the hut; and it's very hard to coordinate three workers at the same time.

You can access to the Settings Page either from the main menu screen by tapping the compass; or from the action screen again by tapping the compass.