The Rules of the Game

Spells and Totems

The old inhabitants of the Amazons know a lot of mystic spells. As you become familiar with the jungle, you tap into their knowledge. The spells become available when you collect totems and they are accumulated in a magical stone hung on the top right corner of the screen.

Three Different Totems

There are 4 types of totems: Indian Totem, Bird Totem, Forest Totem and Fish Totem. The first three can be found in all enterprises, but the Fish Totem is only available in Piranhas enterprise.

Totems in Rubber Boom

When you collect a totem, you get a spell related to it. For example, when you pick a Bird Totems, you get a Bird Spell. By using a Bird Spell, you can dismiss the wild pterodactyls flying over you.

The Indian Spell makes the Indians magically send to their villages. In Rubber Boom times, Indians were enslaved, killed ruthlessly. It was a real massacre. It's a well-known fact that, rubber business involved in every aspect of this crime. In Rubber Boom Game, no Indians are killed. This is contrary to the historical facts, but we want to respect them at least in our imaginary world of games.

Forest Spell is used to create food in the middle of the jungle.

The spells are accumulated on the magic stone just on the left side of the wallet. Using a spell is simple; choose it by tapping the stone, drag and drop it to the location where you need food. After you drop it, the associated action happens.

To get more information about using spells, refer to Using Spells

The Magic Stone that Keeps the Spells

There's one other way to obtain spells; buying a Spells contract on the boat. When you buy it, you get 3 Bird Spells, 3 Indian Spells and 3 Forest Spells. This is a good bargain if you don't have to buy any other useful contracts at the moment.

Fish Totem is only available in Piranhas enterprise. You can get detailed info on Piranhas Enterprise page.