The Rules of the Game

Succeeding an Enterprise

After surviving three years in the Amazon, your brother returns with his biplane to take you back to Manaus. So your first goal should be completing three years. Beyond that, you may wish to expand your wealth to earn medals from the Brazilian Government. To earn more money, play on more enterprises and/or extend your stay by buying contracts.

Succeeding the Enterprises - Three Years and Beyond

Rubber Boom starts quiet easy and gets harder as time goes by. The difficulty level increases at new year turns. And the factors that determine the difficulty are quiet simple and deterministic. Number of challenges increase each year. In addition, some extra challenges begin to appear.

To learn more about what happens during seven years, you can refer to Timeline section.

Contract to get an Additional Year

Your initial contract for the property is for three years. If you're a novice, your goal should be completing the three years. When you become skilled, you can continue to the next years to increase your score.

When three years is over, your brother flies from Manaus by his airplane. You're warned about this arrival on November of the third year. When you get this warning, you should make your final strategy to collect the remaining rubber.

When the plane is seen above the jungle, you can't tap the rubber trees anymore. You can only collect the rubber in the bowls. The remaining rubber will be carried by the plane. If all of your workers return to the hut, the plane takes off.

And this is the happy ending of Rubber Boom.

But that's not all. If you complete the enterprise successfully, Brazilian Government grants you the quarter of your earnings as a bonus.