The Rules of the Game

Using Spells

The spells are accumulated on the magic stone just on the left side of the wallet. Using a spell is simple; choose it by tapping the stone, drag and drop it to the location where you need food. After you drop it, the associated action happens.

The Spells in Rubber Boom

Using spells is quite simple: Browse for the spell you want to use by just tapping the stone; and drag-drop it to the appropriate location to use it.

To switch the selected spell, tap on the magic stone. Each tap will switch to the next spell. Using spells appropriately takes some practice. At first you'll not be using them right, and in time, you'll get it right.

Using Spells

After you drop the spell to a location, a circle will start to grow. When the circle reaches its maximum size, the action occurs. The action is limited to the inside of the circle.

So you should be very careful to the location you drop the spell. At first you will not know the size of the circle, but in meantime, you'll get the idea about the coverage of the spell.

If you correctly guess the size of the circle, you can dismiss more than one pterodactyl with one single spell.

Switching Spells

Also, the correct location is very important while using the Forest Spell. You can't grow mushroom on the water, on the hut and on other obvious obstacles.

And while using Fish Spells, only the piranhas inside the circle are paralyzed. It's not important to use them on water or on earth; the spell works anyway. But Fish Spells are valuable, so you should use them carefully and it's better that you paralyze two or three schools of piranhas.