The Rules of the Game

Using Your Gun

Shooting skill is crucial in the jungle to survive. You should use your gun to kill the bandits wandering in the forest. Another usage is to hunt game animals and kill deadly snakes. To use your gun, just tap on the worker. Consequent taps trigger the Combat Mode and Walking Mode. In combat mode, you swipe your finger, aim for the target and release your finger.

The worker leaves the hut with a rifle and 6 bullets. If you buy an Extra Bullets contract from the boat, this limit is increased to 9. That's all you have. There's no way to find spare bullets in the jungle. You should plan your route according to your bullets left in your rifle.

Aim and Shoot the Bandit

Wandering in the jungle with an empty rifle is extremely risky. You may confront a bandit all of a sudden. Or your road may be blocked by a snake and you may be short of food.

Besides defending yourself, hunting and fishing is also essential to penetrate deep into the jungle and access to remote areas which have fertile rubber trees. All maps have waterfalls and lakes in the remote areas that you can fish.

There are lots of edible anacondas and deers wandering in the jungle. If you have a sufficient shooting skills and enough bullets in your pocket, you may spend a lot of time in Amazon before returning to your hut.

Of course, when you return to your hut, the worker is supplied fresh new bullets.